Places to visit in sakleshpur

Sakleshpur is known for its natural beauty and the amazing options it offers for adventure and outdoor activities. If you are looking for places to visit in Sakleshpur, Sakleshpur fort and various other places in Sakleshpur will win your heart.While you enjoy our famed hospitality at Western valley, we help you plan your days and pack them with fun and exciting activities and places to visit around the resort.

We also provide you with local guides who are experienced enough to take you around and experience everything the place has to offer. Enjoy the riverside homestay in Sakleshpur while you are here.

Destinations near Western Hills Homestay in sakleshpur
Abhi Falls Saklespur homestays

Habbi Falls

These gorgeous falls are in full force from June to December, so if you are visiting around this time, you should definitely not miss it. A great place to take in the beauty of the Western ghats, the waterfalls have a height of about 12 feet and we offer easy ways to travel to the spot.

western hills homestay guide to abhi falls
Kunimanthi saklespur homestays
western hills homestay guide to kunimanthi view point

Kaginahare Fort

This is a small fort/watchtower which is now in ruins. This approximately 2 kms west of Kaginahare village. The village itself is around 8kms from Hongadahalla village in Sakleshpur Taluk. Kaginahare village is an exit point of the Donigal-Yedakumari railway track trek. It also has a very good view of the surrounding area.

Malhalli falls saklespur

Malhalli Falls

Another beautiful waterfall surrounded by misty clouds, with steps that take you to the base. A wonderful place for photo-ops and a cool dip in the water, this is located about 16km from the resort.

Western Hills Homestay guide to Malhalli falls
Manjarabad fort sakleshpur
Western Hills Homestay guide to Manjarabad fort

Manjarabad Fort

A little farther away by about 30km, this unique star-shaped fort was built in 1792 by Tipu Sultan and there are about 150 steps to climb to get to the top for wonderful views of the surroundings.

Green route sakleshpur

Subramanya Mangalore Railway Track

The Green Route Trek goes through a now shut-down railway track and covers about 52km. Great for experienced trekkers and for those who love exploring one-of-a-kind places.

western hills homestay guide to green route
Bisle ghat sakleshpur
Western hills homestay guide to bisle ghat

Bisle Ghat

Take in the silence of this beautiful ghat, with just the sound of distant waterfalls and the clouds moving overhead.

Kushalnagar Sakleshpur
Western hills homestay guide to Kushalnagar


If you’re in the mood to shop, Kushalnagar has some great local markets to buy clothing and more. It’s also known for the Namdroling Monastery.